6 Ways to Coordinate Jewelry Into Your Outfits


Matching jewelry according to your dress can sound like a very difficult task as it takes a ton of your precious time to choose and mostly ends up with you running late due to the lack of decision. It is important to wear the right type and amount of jewelry with the specific dress or else it might mismatch and destroy the entire look. So if you are looking for ways to match the right pieces of jewelry with your dress then this is the place for you. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1 A Casual Outing:

A casual outing requires something light that doesn’t take much effort to handle and take care of. You’re out to have fun or just hang out; paying constant attention to your jewelry would take up most of your time. Also, simple jewelry will make you look laid-back and carefree.

2 A Formal Event:

This is the event where you should show off your dressing skills, as well as your accessorizing skills. If your dress is a showstopper then go for something simple and elegant and let your dress do the rest. But you decide to wear something simple and elegant, go for statement pieces that would make your outfit pop. Wear gems and diamonds to keep it elegant.

3 A Wedding:

If you’re at a wedding, you’re probably not wearing something flashy, because that would steal the spotlight that the bride deserves. Now that it’s something simple yet elegant, go for a small pendant with a thin chain to keep it simple yet make it appear as if you put an effort into dressing up for the occasion.

4 To Your Office:

The environment of your workplace should be brought into consideration. If you work somewhere formal, like a school, a university, an office or maybe the hospital, then you should go for simple and classic pieces such as stud earrings, small hoops, chain bracelets, small pendants or just simple single bangles. But if you work somewhere with a casual environment, then you should show a bit more of your personality with bigger hoops, layered necklaces or even small dangling earrings.

5 To A Party:

This is the event where you should let your personality shine and let loose. You can go for almost anything but don’t end up wearing a ton of jewelry that is meant for a special occasion. It’s time for you to show off those dangling earrings that you have always wanted to rock at a party. Stack up your fingers with different rings and style the flat bangles in your very own way. It would be okay to dress up and get a little fancy because you’re out there to have fun!

6 To A Dinner:

It depends on the type of dinner that you are going to. If it’s a fancy and formal dinner, go for elegant pieces that have either gems or diamonds in them. If it’s a casual date or a dinner with your loved ones, then consider a statement necklace to make your outfit pop with less effort.

Now that you know what type of jewelry would look best with what kind of outfit, don’t hesitate to try different options and choose the best ones for yourself.


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